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Hello! I am Evan and I am a New York City based actor and performer. Born and raised in Northern New Jersey I was lucky to find my passion of acting at a very young age. Performing and putting on shows in any place imaginable from basements, to backyards and blasting show tunes for all the neighbors to hear on our outdoor porch (burning out many CD’s of’ Wicked in the process). Every place I went was a place for a performance! I can remember for every birthday and Christmas present asking for tickets to Broadway shows.  This passion translated well into my school age and high school years spending more time at rehearsal than at home! I moved to New York City to peruse this passion attending Marymount Manhattan College where I studied acting. Training in the world’s greatest city helped me develop a wide range of skills and techniques. When not performing I can usually be seen in the studio audience of a daytime talk show clapping, gasping and shouting away. My first studio audience was when I was five in the audience of The Rosie O’Donnell Show and have since been in the audience hundreds of times of many other shows like The View, The Wendy Williams Show and Live! with Kelly and Ryan to name a few! A lover of all things pop culture I am always up to date on the latest “hot topics”. In my spare time I love to bake and make over the top cakes, cookies and decorative treats as well as paint ceramics! One thing everyone should know about me is I can recite virtually every single line from Legally Blonde. Thanks for stopping by!

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